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  • A walk on the sands

    #writephoto #beach A Northern beach (possibly Prestatyn), I Its not that cold today compared to the last few weeks it’s positively balmy the mercury in the kitchen thermometer sends a message – enjoy it while it lasts II Northern sea says hello rolling about and frothing as it does “come and play!” it laughs as […]

  • Enjoying the View

    #promptuarium Taking a train up to the coast admiring the view and maybe keeping a photo of the scenery inside the hut on top of the hill theres numbers of pictures you can take gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them) ascending ? why not descend down to that beach […]

  • Sleeping spot

    Sleeping spot

    from a journey of a million miles the humble sea snail took a rest on the sandy shore wrapped in its cosy stone blanket it kept on sleeping till one day, it was woken up by a student archaeologists hammer

  • Guardian

    #writephoto #prompt Family sit on the bank, they’ve been doing this for years keeping an eye out for their neighbours providing cover from the atlantic wind for the plants, and sometimes an animal or bird and giving shade to the pretties in pink their reward for this task watching the breakers coming in to the […]

  • Sunset

    Salford, 31st March 2020 A poem on the sun going down by inky – its been published by Forward Poetry, appeared on Luna’s blog at Lunatheblog.com and now its back home – enjoy the read……… The pebbles on the shorewere picked up and stackedfor skimming on the sea Stacked with carePrecariously balancedThe wind made them […]

  • Out to sea

    Out to sea

    #Octpowrimo #Ocean #Sea Sat on a boat in the Sunshine enjoying the ocean blues as the sealife swims alongside Shoals of excitable marine life are following the line of the boat Slicing through the waves each passenger lifts up slightly as the boat goes up a touch

  • Countdown to the beach

    #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #countdown #creativity #beach Soon it will be summer, Under the shade we will be Making sandcastles on the shore Moments away from the sea Expect a visit from a fish or two Reacting as you dip your toes in the waters

  • Beached

    #promptuarium #Ontheshore small hot fire burning from the floating boat remains captain toasting boat Remains in a group Under cover of a palm tree Shelter above shade Feasting like a royal Tomorrow – commences hunt fish on the menu

  • Impression


    impression Salford (Via Llandudno), 14th June 2017 Four sets of feet walking in line on the beach As you follow the line of footprints Patterns begin to emerge as footprints snake from east to west smaller feet seemingly running rings around the big ones but as we reach the end of the walk these little […]

  • Photo Challenge : Solitude

    Solitude     Early morning sunrise ๐ŸŒ… the fishing boats crews asleep in bed no one here but me and the sea ๐ŸŒŠ stillness of air and silence only broken by the smallest of waves lapping on the shore burying my toes into uncharted sand and tiny pebbles washed by the sea enjoying the silence […]