#CYW #Bluegreen Tuesday 6th August 2019 By the time we reached the Island lagoons – of blue green came into view under these waters – fish and turtles enjoying a paddle in the waters glassy waters lapping up against the shore resting in crevices of resident rocks each one giving a home to eager youngContinue reading “Blue-green”

The Journey

Journey A tale of a car journey – i’ll leave it for the reader to decide where it is 🙂 Where are we going ? Off in the car North to a place that isn’t that far Directing roads to a place by the sea Eating a plate of Fish and chips for tea RoundContinue reading “The Journey”

Rock to Sand

    mother nature’s art created on our island for everyone’s eye the rough sands of time eat slowly away at rock carving a coastline aided by the wind and the foam sea in the west the sand carves the cliffs fallen rock is smoothed by the foam of the sea and pebbles shimmer littleContinue reading “Rock to Sand”

The Field Gun

A poem about the Field Gun, that fired the first shot of World war I. Normally on display at Imperial War Museum North, in Trafford, It’s currently on tour around the commonwealth as part of World War I Centenary Celebrations. It sits in its home on Parade its seats as clean as on the day itContinue reading “The Field Gun”

Out with my Camera

Wednesday morning means i’ve been at BASIC in Salford, learning new stuff around my camera. We’ve worked with items you would find on the shore, including some coloured sand , some pebbles and stones and a great big piece of rock.  Its produced some lovely shots, as i practiced the close up of the stonesContinue reading “Out with my Camera”