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  • Shadows and Reflections

    Shadows and Reflections

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub #Reflections #Shadows with thanks to Mark Marusic @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A sunny day on a bank holiday morn walking through the local green there’s not a cloud in the sky but what’s that dark mass behind you? nothing to fear – its only your shadow II Sat on a park […]

  • Courtyard

    #WDYS In the sunshine of the courtyard lies a deserted square quiet as a mouse there’s not a soul there they’re sitting in the offices or parading – firing their guns so the columns cast their shadows out in the noonday sun

  • Light in Darkness

    Salford 17th October 2020 #Octpowrimo Outside in the darkness the spirits dance under the LED Nights that cast their lights over the tarmac road shadowy forms skip and hop over kerb and walk while the cats on the doorstep look on as the night sky twinkles with the far off light and constellations watch the […]

  • Illumination

    Salford, 8th April 2019 It’s not as if an alien were looking for a landing spot or leading lights of theatre were performing outside under portable stage lighting – moon looks on in awe – as halogen lighting casts instant brightness down the street night time glow falls over housing as orbs of light create […]

  • Musical mayhem and culinary capers

    Musical mayhem and culinary capers

    Brain and Spinal injury centre, Salford 17th march 2017 another fun session and close ups with objects with Basic Clicks. continuing with the bokeh theme, we set up shots with various different objects, from spoons to a guitar.  The guitar worked nicely with last weeks shots, as we used a backdrop of musical notes again. […]