#wordpressprompt #feedyoursenses Early morning rumble cars muffled by double glazing dripping of water heading for the drain saved by a silver – armored plugstop fingers frolicking in warm soapy water throwing it towards the face in play towel comes to the rescue and they all make their way down to the kitchen porcelain meets cocoaContinue reading “Sensation”


#Socs #Fridge The seal popped The jar opened The flavours released sweetened fruit held in suspension spread over hot buttered toast sensations – smell sight and taste – heightened Warm strawberry tastes Wild , sweet and welcoming Tasted with every bite The rest of the flavours – locked in the jar kept in a placeContinue reading “Jam”


Salford, Tuesday 15th May Since my last episode with my IV shunt, I’ve become more appreciative of what makes a memory the smell of cooking of an apple pie in the oven the sound of my favourite music 🎶 on the wireless the feel of my iwm fleece, that I wear when volunteering All these thingsContinue reading “Memory”

Paint the Day with Colour

in response to the daily post prompt blogging the senses Paint the Day with Colour Take up your brush and paint the sky a brilliant pastel blue. Add in a warm yellow sun and fluffy white clouds too, add in a horizon – a building or two! Colour your seas an aqua blue and ifContinue reading “Paint the Day with Colour”