Waiting for the flowers

Salford, 9th March 2019 A patch of earth on some barren land Was turned over, fed and watered Earth dug up in places on Seeds or bulbs planted Over the next few months, the process continued – and Moments passed – until the arrival of a green leaf popping out of the ground Expect rainbowsContinue reading “Waiting for the flowers”

Sparrows II

17th January 2019 #birds Scattered food lying on the tarmac, brings them here Preening themselves in the fallen Aqua that you and I call rain Reactions to the feast, vary from Roars of delight to sunflower seeds to Overall disappointment …. small grains again ? When the back door opens and the treasures Spread acrossContinue reading “Sparrows II”


Octpowrimo, 29th October 2018 Signs that winter is on its way Quite inquisitive fellow made his way across the garden fence Under the fir trees and around the hyacinths In search, of something Round , red brown, and tasty to Restock his larder for winter Every now and then looking around, protecting his hide LookingContinue reading “Squirrel”

Two Squirrels

Promptuarium, 18th August You meet all sorts in your local park two furry vermine were scampering past the bowling green when they both sought my advice on where the tastiest seeds were “The Hazel tree is off to the west, but the Conker tree has started dropping its seeds” I told them, they paused ,Continue reading “Two Squirrels”


Salford, 9th February 2018 Tend Plants need looking after when they’re little. I remember , as a lad being given three packets of seed by my Grandad. they never told me what was in those silver packets but each day i’d go to my spot by the lawn, to see what popped out of theContinue reading “Tend”


Descend Saturday 20th May 2017 During a dandelion seeds travels each one rises up into the air, some travel further than others carried by the wind eventually though, they gently drop to nearby ground, where after a short rest they become dandelions new, with bright yellow flowers


A response to the prompt Roots by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell Salford 8th May 2017 Like any other little seed, you need time to grow grasp the air spread some branches And when the time is right charged with energy and excitement you’ll take your own flight before landing on the soil ofContinue reading “Roots”

Pine Green

    #Coloryourworld #CYW #Green #Pine #acrostic #nature #forest   Perhaps its no mistake In noting you’re an evergreen Numbers of you gather on Each side of the forest road, pushing through the   Grasses as you do, Reaching high up into the sky of blue Every squirrel in the neighbourhood covets your seeds, andContinue reading “Pine Green”