Poetry Sea Seaside

Coming in


blue water beckons

you to come to the place where

sand and sea meet up

impishly playing

a game of tag with your toes

and leaving just as fast

Little waves bobbing

up and down in evening relay

Big wave is coming

Take heed of warnings

Big wave likes making a splash

note – you will get wet

Beach Childhood Life Seaside Summer

Small Creatures


Stood on the shore in their finest attire

Mum dad and little un

All leaving a trail on the sand

Looking out for the funny coloured seashells

Likelyhood is they’ll find you first

Crab like creatures

red, black or white

enter the range of view

as they pop up to say hello

taking a step left and sometimes right

until at last they

reach the waters edge

expect them to take a

sly nip of your wellies as they pass you


Sleeping spot

from a journey of a million miles

the humble sea snail took a rest on the sandy shore

wrapped in its cosy stone blanket

it kept on sleeping

till one day, it was woken up

by a student archaeologists hammer

Colours Holidays Memories Nature Sea Seaside Seasons

Turquoise Blue

It’s that certain colour, that reminds you of your holidays

The colour of the sea at the certain time of day

up in the sky, when right foot dipped its toes to see if it was

ready to take a dip in the water, or

quench your thirst with a cool drink by the sands

under the water – the smallest of fishes circle your toes to say hello

out ahead – there’s great shoals – but this small shoals

intrigued by the sight of your feet

so you follow them into the warm blue green

enjoying watching them nibble at your feet – it tickles!

Acrostic Beach Holidays Sea Seaside Seasons

Summers Arrived!

#Napowrimo #Summer

Deckchairs on the beach

They’re back out on the shore

ready to greet you all

as the weather turns warmer

deckchairs in their finery

in their special spots on the beach

the ice cream parlour is to the west and

in a few minutes, the punch and judy man will be

out with his stall….is it a

new thing ? No!….it’s an age old thing – like building


Animals Beach

Happy Times

#Napowrimo #Day22 #paperswans #pawprint #beach #dog

perhaps its a short-lasting moment

an imprint on this stretch of dampened sand

what i see, are the moments when

puppy and i danced and scampered

round the dampened sand

in the warm summer sun

now a memory

to cherish

Animals Birds

Sunset Orange

As the sun popped down

below the water, the seagulls wondered why

the waters they were playing in – had a new colour applied

see while the waters were azure blue – it was easy for them to fish

the water turned to orangeade, the marine life had their wish

so instead of getting soaking wet

they let the fishes turn loose

waiting for the morning tide

when the waters weren’t orange juice


Sea Green

Manatee in a Green Sea

#cyw #seagreen

Moving about the warm florida seas

actively keeping the growth of the plants down

noshing on tasty delights found nestling

at the bottom of the sea

taking his time to

enjoy the various plants that

endure on the bottom of the sea bed


Music from Shells

#Music #Sea

Photo by Pixabay on

Follow the musical notes

of the rocks and the shells as they roll

sea creatures musically munching

sat with their chums by an old relation

in time, they too will be part of the scenery, but as you

listen you can hear the shellfish happily going about their business

Beach Holidays Poetry Sea Seaside

Three sea shells

Three shells on the sand

Picked up in playtime

On a summers afternoon

One half of a home

That welcomed in guests

Before enjoying them for lunch

Crafty crustacean

Now nestled in his new home

A nautilus shell

Hiding away on the seabed

Is that the sand moving?

No, just another sea snail searching for lunch