Sunday 1st March 2020 Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for Years, staring out the window Doodling sheep out of the clouds Reactions from the teacher ? Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention As the warm rays cast ontoContinue reading “Daydream”

The Rebel

#Fowc #Rebel Salford, 6th July 2019 the one everyone remembered at school not breaking the rules, just bending them wearing skirts just above regulation and turning up just in time avoiding detention her fellow classmates – adored her act popularity in the school yard ? – an absolute fact but the lad in the libraryContinue reading “The Rebel”

Old Friends

Note from Inky: Cheers to for the prompt   You’ve been around for a bit going round in the same circles but passing each other without noticing   You shared everything from gobstoppers to pencil cases and spots on the high school bus   Your paths met a lifetime fork in the road asContinue reading “Old Friends”

Nursery Crime

Rhyme Sat in class with pen in hand English teachers lesson planned write us a poem, without any rhyme you have a few days – there’s plenty of time   So inspiration i did seek going through books for a week and every page would set up the same with two words a rhyming –Continue reading “Nursery Crime”


Recite Inky, enters the TARDIS again….and lands in Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High…third year english..and the origins of his poetry I recall old wooden benches – the ones with (ironically) the old inkwell’s set into the base. Mountains of Books handed down from pupil to pupil and placed strategically on what i’d nowContinue reading “Recite”

The Old School tie….

Uniform Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High School, 1987 Stood inside the “New” Amalgamated school by Buile Hill Park, in Salford. Two sets of kids awaiting to go off to lessons – but first – the set up of forms The classes had to be put together – Cathedral with St Lawrence’s. you couldn’tContinue reading “The Old School tie….”