Not So Bad

#schooldays #promptuarium With the current lockdown the kids are back in school forget the bug that’s virulent the doctors overruled Schooldesks spaced out plenty while lessons start anew learning english maths and all for tests that are a due And playtime the kids are spaced out in their own little spots and squares its notContinue reading “Not So Bad”

How do you spel dat ?

#school #schooldays #schooldaze #dinosaurs #spelling Another rememberence another skool – daze where in “High School” Armed with Splints, Pencils and Pens you sat in year 1 Geography or History discussing the big dine – o – saurs and where they lived Tee-rhino-saw us and dip lod die cuss on places not Salford or even LondonContinue reading “How do you spel dat ?”


#fowc #retreat Salford, 24th February 2021 Another Lakeland Reminiscence Retreat – Normally a call for escaping an attack from an enemy….. (but not in this case) for me, it was a week away from the City in the picturesque settings of the Lake District, up by Derwentwater in a place called Keswick. Arranged by theContinue reading “Retreat”

In the Hangar

#IWM #Airfix #Duxford A poetry piece by B.F. Kirkham. There’s a bucket of wings on the table, but this ain’t no KFC You’re there with your mates at the ready and take home a plane for free You pick up the pieces as listed the fellow from museum there to help as your classmates fumbleContinue reading “In the Hangar”


#Napowrimo #Room #Dorm Reflection of a shared room (school retreat) Keswick, 1987 Up in the hills by a mountain stream a place of reflection and retreat the room shared three with a view of the lakes a place to ponder, relax and take breaks colour scheme – calming a sight of some sheep and duringContinue reading “Castlerigg”


Sunday 1st March 2020 Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for Years, staring out the window Doodling sheep out of the clouds Reactions from the teacher ? Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention As the warm rays cast ontoContinue reading “Daydream”

The Rebel

#Fowc #Rebel Salford, 6th July 2019 the one everyone remembered at school not breaking the rules, just bending them wearing skirts just above regulation and turning up just in time avoiding detention her fellow classmates – adored her act popularity in the school yard ? – an absolute fact but the lad in the libraryContinue reading “The Rebel”