A little something from Father Christmas sr.

It was a few days before Santa Claus was about to do his deliveries And the elves were busy in their workshop When a little elf ran up to the big man and handed him a letter “Dear klaus,” it read… “Nice to see you and yours doing so well in your work, Was wonderingContinue reading “A little something from Father Christmas sr.”


Manchester (via salford) 16th December 2018 The on line post it notes Continued to drop in my in box Reminiscences from a female acquaintance I knew since I was small. Meet you by the market Where the gluhwein flows And the big tree is lit up by the national grid So, off to town goesContinue reading “Rendezvous”


In response to the prompt Anticipation Anticipation As you know, there’s a day in the year where endless Numbers of children up and down the land Take to their beds (early) In the hope that in the wee hours of the Christmas season starting, they’ll get a chance to Inspect what’s been left under the decorations. Presents,Continue reading “Anticipation”

The Christmas Market

10 December 2010 The Christmas Market The beginning of the Christmas season, for me, always starts when the first frost hits the fallen leaves from Autumn, which are lying on the ground. This year, it coincided with the first of the festive celebrations at the northern branch of the Imperial War Museum, where I amContinue reading “The Christmas Market”