Building Blocks

Construct     It begins simply enough, a simple bucket of bricks stacked up from top to bottom till at last – they topple oh what fun!   The next thing you know you’re building a wall with stuff from the sea and occasionally it falls oh what fun        

Summer – Poem II

Salford, Wednesday 27th July (Via Blackpool, Morecambe and Colwyn Bay :)) Summer Parasols parade A pageant of all colours Prepared for picnics Hermit crabs scuttle Across the sandy shore Safety in numbers Candy floss floating on long wooden carry sticks windmills turn in breeze And tiny fish await A delightful day dish Dipping down below


Whilst out in Turkey, when I had the opportunity…I built a sandcastle or two…Now you might think I was being infantile – and that would be your free choice, but when all you have is the sand and the sea (and perhaps the odd turtle for company) there’s v. little you can do other thanContinue reading “Sandcastles”