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  • Bucket

    #Writephoto #Bucket Building tools sat on the beach utilised by the master builder creating something everyone will like, but keep looking – it looks like he’s gone off site expectation is he’s gone with mum and dad to get something tasty for lunch – fish and chips anyone?

  • Enjoying the View

    #promptuarium Taking a train up to the coast admiring the view and maybe keeping a photo of the scenery inside the hut on top of the hill theres numbers of pictures you can take gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them) ascending ? why not descend down to that beach […]

  • Specialist

    #fowc #specialist Skilled technician Positioned on the shore Especially for when the tide was coming in Construction ? more Demolition Instigated to save the rest of the team getting soaked As the water came up the beach Like lightning, but was Instantly disappointed Sandy structures on the beach Taken down by a pair of bright […]

  • Countdown to the beach

    #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #countdown #creativity #beach Soon it will be summer, Under the shade we will be Making sandcastles on the shore Moments away from the sea Expect a visit from a fish or two Reacting as you dip your toes in the waters

  • Time travel

    #Promptuarium #Photo Album

  • Building Blocks

    Building Blocks

    Construct     It begins simply enough, a simple bucket of bricks stacked up from top to bottom till at last – they topple oh what fun!   The next thing you know you’re building a wall with stuff from the sea and occasionally it falls oh what fun        

  • Summer – Poem II

    Salford, Wednesday 27th July (Via Blackpool, Morecambe and Colwyn Bay :)) Summer Parasols parade A pageant of all colours Prepared for picnics Hermit crabs scuttle Across the sandy shore Safety in numbers Candy floss floating on long wooden carry sticks windmills turn in breeze And tiny fish await A delightful day dish Dipping down below

  • Sandcastles


    #Holidays #Turkey #Sandcastles Whilst out in Turkey, when I had the opportunity…I built a sandcastle or two…Now you might think I was being infantile – and that would be your free choice, but when all you have is the sand and the sea (and perhaps the odd turtle for company) there’s v. little you can […]