Tag: Routine

  • How do you live with yourself

    #writeclub #napowrimo an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt How do i live with myself ? Its tricky My shadow blends in to the Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in Exceptional circumstances Like when the bedroom light is on […]

  • Sensation


    #wordpressprompt #feedyoursenses Early morning rumble cars muffled by double glazing dripping of water heading for the drain saved by a silver – armored plugstop fingers frolicking in warm soapy water throwing it towards the face in play towel comes to the rescue and they all make their way down to the kitchen porcelain meets cocoa […]

  • The Buskers Dilemma

    Their pitch was in the perfect location Their routine rehearsed to perfection and for once – the sun was shining No problem with people passing by, or pigeons up in the blue sky they had a crowd, who cheered laughed and cried They sung out most of the afternoon till the dawn of the appearing […]

  • Glaring

    Glaring   Funny thing is this fame game, you confidently cross the wooden stage prepared for the task in front of you only to be hit by that beam of light casting a huge shadow at you   Its like the light is a giant magnet wiping clean the act nothing left to do but […]

  • Anchored Down

    Salford, 13th January 2017 I’m sat in my bedroom – cum – office, pondering another set of scribbles from one of my memory notebooks. Ever lost something…and spent the next few hours getting into a fluster over it ? The key thing I’ve learned is to keep everything in a particular spot Notes go into a […]