Atomic Tangerine

Food, Fruit, Poetry

#CYW #Atomictangerine

Atomic Tangerine Rose created by inky in Photoshop elements

As they shook up the bottle of fizzy fruit juice

A fantastic reaction began

Bubbles rose up to the top of the bottle

Bursting to escape

Crazy idea – of the kids – was releasing the bottles

Cap – with the addition of air – reaction was complete

Destination for the neon orange liquid – No one knew – they all

Dived for cover – as fizzy orange rain fell

Expectation – the vegetable patch

End result – over Grandpa’s prize white roses


Acrostic, Poetry, Treat, Treats

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cerise 2.jpg

Cake with Cerise Roses – Sourced in Bing, Edited by BFK.

Chosen for its vibrant pinks

each rose, beautifully set against white royal icing

red in some ways, more deep pink in others

it’s vibrancy happily cheers “Hello!”

some might say cherries might have been a better decoration, but

everyone agrees – its perfect for a mothers day tea.


Razzle Dazzle Rose

Flowers, Garden, Poetry

#Coloryourworld #cyw #razzledazzlerose #pinks


Her colourful persona

quite a presence

to be seen

at any outdoors

garden dinner party


promising rose buds

blush as they open

as fuschias and carnations

lower their heads

at the garden princess


Prepare for a party

As color disperses

accent among the

yellows and blues




Character, Colours, Garden, Nature, Parks


#Coloryourworld #cyw #Unmellowyellow

Hardly the mellowest flower in the garden

your bright colour screams for attention –

a central figure among the reds and the blues

look at me! you cry as people picnic on the green grassy lawn.

surrounded by you and your siblings

they agree as they feast on their banana sandwiches

and drink their old fashioned lemonade

you certainly brighten up the day.

Photography @ BASIC – Ed3

BASIC, Learning, Life, Nature, Photography

As regular readers of my Blog will know, I’ve been attending the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in my Hometown of Salford , as I aim to address some of the issues linked to my Arrested Hydrocephalus.

Apart from Regular sessions of Memory Workshops – I’ve been taking part in Photographic Classes as a way to occupy myself whilst I’m on “Voluntary Duties”.  Therapeutically, it aids my concentration and co-ordination – both of which have been affected whilst I’ve been living with my condition.

Wednesday’s session was all to do with Close-up and Zoom Photography.  I took along my Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera for the lesson. We used a Pink Rose and a Backdrop to create some really good shots.

My favourite shot is featured in the header – as I managed to get the detail of the flower in the picture without too much hassle.


A rose, subject matter for Wednesday’s session (20/1/2016)