A moment occured

when you expressed your affection for that girl at the bus stop with a

kiss…only for the romance to die

when you shuffled about

against the bus stop pole – in full view of the

remaining passengers, it might seemed

dramatic – and some old ladies smiled (all you could do was look downwards)

Pink Carnation

#Coloryourworld #cyw #pinkcarnation #acrostic #pinks #flower

11th April 2017


Could it be

A reason why I never can forget you

Real beauty – enveloped in a dress the colour of that flower

Never forgotten that spring night after

An attempt to grab your attention

Tomorrow, they say – is another day, but

I can’t get the vision of your smile from my head

One day – the fairytale might come true, but its

Noted you’re wearing that flower tonight


Purple Heart ❤️

#coloryourworld #cyw #purple #heart

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what made me fall for you

but you’ve made me all of a mess

when I saw you standing at the bar

in that purple dress 👗


was it attraction, or merely chance ?

or was I bewitched when you asked for a dance 💃

crazy to think that I would fall

head over heels for the belle of the ball


opposites, they say, attract

its magnetism, they say, a fact

so why all this time ? Have we been apart ?

falling, as I have for your Purple Heart ❤️


hearts 💕 they meet at the centre of the floor

and the girl in the purple dress wants more

so after we dance and head for our seats

we will go out to the fish shop and enjoy a treat



Random thoughts

enter the head

of a girl I once knew

back in the day


Memories still fresh

brushing past

one another in class

passing smiles


And a moment of snow

Under Mistletoe

At the winter school dance

When I took my chance



from that quirky smile

almost too much to bear

loss ? – worse than that


Moments of Grace

I’d happily chase

longing to see

her spend time with me



I saw you

I was looking for rainbows in cloudy skies…you appeared.
From across a Disco-lit hall – my eyes caught you.
A scent of a rose filled the room, you called me.
Monochrome scenes , in Black and white, turned to colourful radiance.
My entire world was focused on just one beautiful thing,
My lonely heart , joyful, began to make noise and sing
No  more sharp cutting thorns, to bring me tears of pain
These tears were of happiness, how could I explain?
An Angel had landed through diamonds in the skies
And Happiness and joy came from those heavenly blue eyes.