Roman Wall – Mamucium

Manchester, 26th July 2016 In honour of the Roman Wall at Manchester’s Castlefield I wrote this brief little ditty. Pulled it out of the leaves of Notebook 1 so I can share it with you all (Artwork created by me – using Corel Painter) Ave! My friend.  and welcome!, sit down.  rest, as you enter this garrisonContinue reading “Roman Wall – Mamucium”

The Roman Wall

A Tale inspired by the re-constructed Roman fort at Manchester’s Urban Heritage Park – Castlefield. Ave! Dear old Friend! Welcome, sit down. Rest your feet for a while in our Garrison Town. You’ve arrived at Mamuncium Our “Castle – in – the – Field” In a place, where we Romans Don’t often yield. We haveContinue reading “The Roman Wall”