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  • Wagon

    #Fowc #Wagon Western’s always had one of these in a movie, as they rolled through wild American country on a search for gold, minerals or prosperous plains of plenty over rocky terrain, sandy deserts and swamps they’d travel north south east, but mostly west on search for a fortune

  • It’s your choice!

    Partake Life is a long branch of events and choices some shy away from making decisions whilst others grab the bull by the horns climbing the rockface or in some cases – jumping off it   So – when it comes down to it the decisions you make are yours will you dip your toes […]

  • Prolific : Tale of a tree

    Prolific : Tale of a tree

    Prolific Salford 19th April 2018 My “little” Acer tree, in the back garden of the house beginning another set of flowers to signal Spring We bought it from a garden centre in the pennines , quite a few years ago now, and planted it alongside a couple of dwarf conifers and perennials to give the […]

  • Encrusted

    Salford (via Navagio Beach) , 22nd February 2018   White Sandy beaches, Offset by clear blue sea Navigated rusted boat sat by the cliffside Down where the anchor should be Encrusted with Barnacles and other sea creatures Rock formations , home to a multitude of life From strings of mussels to hermit crabs Unless someone […]

  • Static

    Static Stood for a moment in time Totally still – you might call it “Frozen” As the water flows around them The the mighty rocks stand still In the light of the morning sun Could the passing aviators bring them to life ?  Hardly!

  • Saturn


    Saturn’s rings are seen turning in space And its rocks that form them turn with some grace – To and Fro, the rings go around and around, whilst Under its rings is a satellite found Red and yellow clouds pass on by, forming New rainbows in Saturn’s coloured sky

  • Careful!

    Caution ! As you run head long up that Rocky Road Expect the unexpected For example – those marbles dropped Unexpectedly Lying on the Tarmac….look out!