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  • Mercury Rises (Again)

    #weather #seasons #summer Maybe there’s a change on the way expectations say – Odin is ready to throw a bolt or two rounded off with a clap of thunder – the weather angels cry at the very thought – particularly when the thermometer is up there in the thirties reality is as the liquid metal […]

  • Mercury Rising

    Mercury Rising

    #Summer Most would think it crazy – everybody under umbrellas on a summers day reality is the solar winds have rested coming over the city centre up in the azure blue sky – there’s a few clouds but reach isn’t that far – and you really don’t want it to rain , so you head […]

  • Dream Sugar

    #writeclub Floating round the funfair, passing ponyshows and carousels. Light fluffy clouds of loveliness, whirling round a warm cone of steel, rising in the air (colours – optional) held by a cuzzin of the old oak tree

  • Affordable


    #fowc #affordable They’re buying plots of land in my home town like it’s going out of fashion building towers that reach all the way to space most of the grand palaces in these places – rented out to the commuters going home of a weekend spot the zeroes as you pass the estate agents and […]

  • Rocket

    #Fowc #Rocket A bit of a slow burner i think you would call it The engines went into thrust, leaving clouds in its wake On board little tiny robots – off to explore that far off planet Cloud formations forming behind it Rising up through the blue for destination coloured orange

  • Heads or tails

    #Socs #toss a piece on a coin toss for #Socs by inky 50:50 – I think that’s what they call it chances of you picking the right side of the coin It seems so plausible – there’s only two choices but like a smaller version of a roulette wheel the fates are rising and falling […]

  • Waiting for the springtime

    17th March 2018 Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day Noting the barometer turned Over from Frosty to warm When all of a sudden the mercury goes into Fast flowing freefall And white powdery masses Land like leprechauns Lightly covering rooftops and cars