Salford 6th August 2018

Someone I knew told me of life’s big secret

It’s not all laid out for you, you make your own paths

Things that seem important to you

Success, Jobs, Money, Ambition

all go to brass tacks from the view of a hospital bed

so you follow the road set in front of you

hoping you don’t hit the crack in the floor

hoping you stay healthy, and stable and wise

and staying one step from being poor

for those streetwise enough on the corner

are one step away from the street

so they’re selling a publication

to get cover from the cold of the neet.



Salford 1st February 2018


Go on, dive in!

there’s plenty more

said the rich man sat at the table

of the restaurant store

but while he and his friends

where dining on goose

with veggies and stuffing and strawberry mousse

the waiters tears softly dropped to the floor

for whilst those at the table ate more and more

looking through window – were the eyes of the poor