Greek Temple

A Memory of a Greek Holiday to Rhodes

Enjoy the view – I went up quite a few steps to get this drawing

Temple to Apollo – Captured in Camera and Painted in Painnt

Greece Holidays Poetry

Ascending II

Manchester (Via Rhodes) , 5th November 2018

As the fire took hold of the wood

I watched magical trails rise high in the air

Releasing colourful patterns in the sky

Rhodes ancient buildings painted

Over by Beautiful light

Created by Ignition – rising over walls and

Keep of the old city , bringing smiles to

Excited children and adults alike

Taking vacations on the island

History Holidays Travel

Revisiting Heritage sites

I’ve been looking over my notebook this morning and a common theme seems to have taken place.

My love for pen drawing (not taking photographs of) places I’ve been to…

Roman Ruins, Oledeniz

Whilst I was on holiday in Turkey, the lagoon beach on Oledeniz gave me lots of opportunities to capture the surroundings around me.  And whilst i’m not an avid sunbather – I had plenty of time to develop a tan while I was doing it.

The drawings are of the Roman Ruins near to the Lagoon area of Oledeniz.  They have been well preserved and are now offset against the beach clubs and sandy beaches of the hotels in the area.  Old Roman Bricks now settle with Turkish Flowers and Sun Loungers, and it was wonderful to see.

Roman Ruins 2, Oledeniz

In some places the local wildlife used the piles of marble as a cool hiding place from the sun.  Aside from the sun, the area reminded me of Castlefield’s Roman Wall…but without any of the facelift!