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The retreat (Image :KL Caley)

Sometimes, there’s a need to

just get away from the hustle and bustle

of the big city.

Find somewhere

quiet and out of the way

and relax

where the air is fresh

the grass is green

and you’re free – from pressures of life

enjoying the peace

and the fresh air

and maybe a tasty bite or two

Watching the wildlife

taking a dip

before taking a dip, yourself

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Salford, 24th February 2021

Another Lakeland Reminiscence

Retreat – Normally a call for escaping an attack from an enemy…..

(but not in this case)

for me, it was a week away from the City in the picturesque settings of the Lake District, up by Derwentwater in a place called Keswick.

Arranged by the RE Teachers, a selected group shared the grand surroundings of Castlerigg Manor, where we took part in discussions and workshops, bible readings and so forth. We shared the Manor and its activities with a school from Darwen, Lancashire.

It wasn’t all work and study on this residential though as activities took place in and around the centre

We helped with the cooking and the washing, and shared dorm rooms during the week.

Castlerigg Manor, Keswick

Being a youth centre, there were games and books for use, and all the other things to keep minds occupied, it wasn’t all school work!

There were walks in the mountains for some, but i opted for a trip out into Keswick centre, as although i’d done the same activity with the scouts, the health and safety paperwork was too much for a week away…..I enjoyed the snaps i took with my 35mm camera.

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Salford, 20th January 2020

Bodies like mine, are like
a Barometer – they
react to extremes
of hot and cold – never
mind the big toe test when you
enter the water in the bath
the merest retreat of the mercury is
enough for me to seek out a cure for the
rheumatism in my back, knees, and ankles

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Reflection of a shared room (school retreat)

Painting from photo : Castlerigg Manor, Keswick (p) Brian F Kirkham 2020

Keswick, 1987

Up in the hills

by a mountain stream

a place of reflection and retreat

the room shared three

with a view of the lakes

a place to ponder, relax and take breaks

colour scheme – calming

a sight of some sheep

and during our breaks we would gambol and leap