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24th august 2017

they say everybody has roots.

those tiny little things that define history

traces of who you are, set in your DNA.

back when I was studying at university for my HND, I got the opportunity to research my family tree

looking back through birth records…to draw up a computer program connecting the dots.

starting from little sis and me, and mum and dad, their brothers and sisters, and granddad and grandma 👵

this seedling was grown on strong foundations … when I dug deep into the archive , with a little help from imperial war museum north, I found a tale on my Great Grandfather, on my dads side who fought in World War I.

and by following the path of the family tree, I found the answers to the tales told around the kitchen table.

it might be the genealogical cross tween a bonsai tree and and an elm, but my family tree is pretty big … and I’ve found roots that I never even knew existed.

its an ongoing project…but I’m enjoying the digging.


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Another Day…

Today I’ve been back at the Imperial War Museum North, where I’ve been helping guide visitors on the Ground Floor.

Airshard Impression

I’ve also helped the users of “Your History” – IWM North’s Information area search the relevant databases in relation to their loved ones.  The “Lives of the First World War” project is proving to be popular – as visitors share the stories of their relatives from the first world war.

On the way home, I enjoyed a fancy hot chocolate from Costa on Salford’s Lowry Outlet Mall.  Never thought I would enjoy the taste of Caramel in a Hot Chocolate – but – its growing on me 🙂

As for my own family history trawl – i’m compiling bits and pieces to do with my great-granddad …. I never knew the man himself – but i’m putting together a few tales told to the family from my great-uncle.

Historical History

Records Miner

Another poem – this one’s about the work I do as a volunteer at Imperial War Museum North

On Weekday Afternoons, i’m found
sat by terminals abound
In a Museum, dedicated to war,
and you’re probably asking, what for?

Well, i work the station, Now and then
that looks up records in fives and tens
remembering men and women lost
in the two wars, counting the cost

And people often come to me,
to search for some info , by degree
for a relative, a loved one, or an old friend
to learn where someone met their end.

Sometimes there’s tears, and others there’s smiles
and Sometimes they’ll stay around for a while
as they tell of a tale, of their pal that is lost
the one who paid the ultimate cost.

And the certificate that’s printed so,
will with the enquirer home will go
with memories and friendship rekindled at end
and acknowledgement of their army friend