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  • Learning your Lesson

    #Napowrimo #writeclub #Learning with a nod to Leanne @ Writeclub for the prompt I Learning begins as soon as your born as you’ve got to waddle across the floor to get to your soft toys II Instruction comes from your elders touching something hot if you don’t know what you’re doing leads to singed little […]

  • Back to school again

    #school September a time announcing – the summer is over. No more creating sandcastles on the beach or hearing the breakers hitting the shore exercise books and pencils at the ready learning has begun again Unless they’ve sent you to “Big School”, your New kit will be much like your old one It identifies you […]

  • Just another day

    Just another day

    #Napowrimo #paperswans #children Picking up post for Mum and dad and reading a chapter a day Helping doing the washing and putting it away one hundred and one little things to do whilst i’m away from school playing games with nanna watching granddad play the fool and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes so […]

  • Peruse


    #fowc #peruse I’ve had my nose in a few books recently fingers thumbing over some well crafted hardbacks by the late, great author Sir Terry Pratchett Some written as solo projects, others collaborations with one or two video’s (OK – DVDs) to go alongside them it’s not just the reading i take pleasure in it’s […]

  • In the corner

    In the corner

    #Socs #Inthecorner I A Hub of ideas technology, reading, and leisure pondering over which of them will be read or listened to First II Bag, ready to travel North south east or west journeying with essential items things that cannot be left behind at home III Tallest of the conifers protecting the smaller plants from […]

  • Comfort

    #fowc #comfort Cold weather isn’t nice to be out in, so on winter days, you’ll find me wrapped up with a mug of warm hot chocolate in my paws and furry slippers on my feet – while outside its snowing and blowing a gale – i’m reading a book inside, looking out of the window […]

  • Comic

    #Octpowrimo He’s Smiling Again enjoying a break from regular learning reading the weekly funnies suitable for all kinds of kid and drawn by masters of their art and learning the jokes in the middle he’ll be entertaining his friends out on the field around playtime

  • Reference

    #fowc #reference Really, there’s always one place in Every library that you can get all the answers From atlases to chronicles to news articles Every bit of info is there – which is why the Revered keepers of these books keep them from leaving the library Even keeping them in their own section Now, the […]

  • Education : A Found Poem

    Education has produced a vast population They spend twelve months teaching children to walk and then talk and the next twelve years teaching them to sit down and shut up when all you have to do is teach them all to read its a source of amusement and fun to happy little minds Source : […]

  • Nose in a book 2

    #365writingprompts #reading what makes me pick up a book if this reads like a bit of a list, apologies funny tales, interesting characters, a bit of a thread tales I can return to….the jokes might be a bit old, but I can still get a laugh at them evidence ?   Terry pratchetts troll sergeant…detritus, […]