A Poetry Response

26th November 2018 I Composed this piece after reading fellow poet Luna’s Poem #93 You can find that piece here Sent it to her first, then i thought i’d share it with the rest of you all…enjoy If you want to comment, feel free to post – Inky. I watched from the other platformthe girlContinue reading “A Poetry Response”


Salford 23rd August a tale of Manchester central, which I knew as G-Mex when I were young (sic) I It’s the place where mighty wheels rolled over lines of steel to take you north and south and east to wonderous places where stress released II Slap bang In the middle of town The rail networkContinue reading “Central”

In the city

City A tale of the city I live in…enjoy It started as an outpost a place so far from Rome people soon put down roots and began to call it home   Waters ran from rivers to well and before the flush toilet – O what a smell! Horse and Cart instead of the carContinue reading “In the city”