Neon Carrot

No denying the dish of the day

every rabbit around has been after

one since the man in the spaceship planted

nine hundred and ninety nine

Colourful seeds in the abandoned field

a whole host of wildlife had a share from

radishes to lettuce – with their extra special glow

rabbits enjoyed the carrots

of course – now they’ve eaten the alien crops

they’re easy to see – just not that easy to catch!

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The Wabbits have landed


A number of Large rabbits have landed on Salford Quays.

Its all to do with a digital lightshow taking place on the quayside,

entitled ‘lightwaves’ – the aim of the show is to animate the spaces around Mediacity and the surrounding piazzas. (for English purists: I can’t call it a Square – Its Round!)


There’s an interactive artwork opposite the Lowry, which changes colour as you pass the columns of light it creates.

The rabbits will be staying around for Christmas, and on first impression people, big or small – seem to like them!