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  • What’s the world made of ?

    #writeclub #Material #Question #Ground Mountains made of metals that need mining to be used Minerals around the Metals May also be fused to make shiny new things for this and for that and shirts ties and jumpers and coats and hats occasionally the metals come up in liquid form breaking through the crust – molten […]

  • Riddle

    #Fowc #Riddle Rhymes that pose a question In verse, or a song or a Rhyme Difficult posers to ponder Definitely takes you some time Long winded questions – with no apparent answer Except when the bell starts to chime

  • Six word story challenge – Question

    in response to https://nicolaauckland.com/2016/08/06/sometimes-stellar-storyteller-six-word-story-challenge-43/ Clouds – where are your silver linings?