Born on a spikey berry bush Purple / pink fruit bursting with flavour bursting with juice – pressed to the touch cooked down in a pan – to a tasty mush turned into jelly – a taste to savour spread over bread – or sometimes toast kids enjoy the tastes so much Breakfast time theyContinue reading “Brambles”


#OctPoWriMo 6th October 2018 You’ve been trying to climb that hill for a while now facing off against its challenges its crags, sharp sides and slippy hand holds not to mention the wet slate underneath dark purples your pals as you rose overcoming every obstacle in your way take in the rewards at the topContinue reading “Conquered”

Color your world – Month 4

The Final Hurdle – and I’m pleased to report – I passed it! Here’s a list of the colour poems for month 4 of the Colouryourworld Challenge. Hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them Inky. reading “Color your world – Month 4”


#coloryourworld #cyw #lavender #nature #poetry like most flowers, this plant has a most delightful aroma, which is released when you pass its light violet stalks. each stalk contains an individual note of delightful fragrance, leading to every butterfly in the garden returning to your flowers to gain another sniff


#coloryourworld #cyw #eggplant Everybody cooking knows about the eggplant – great addition to a stew – and staple of Mediterranean cooking good baked in the oven , stewed or even in a soup purple in colour – though some mistake it for black liked by vegetarians for its meaty texture a fruit of its plant,Continue reading “Eggplant”

Purple pizazz

#coloryourworld #cyw #purplepizazz     Punk princess hits the dancefloor In a purple ensemble – to grab your eye Zest for life – shown as she waltzes in her size nines And the crowd watches her move around the floor Zany hair in a neon style – watch her Zip around the floor in aContinue reading “Purple pizazz”