#Socs source : The Fourth Bear, Jasper Fforde, P.155 when you look out towards the river you’ll spot a swathe of green amongst the towering skyscrapers its the prettiest place you’ll have seen The fathers are sat perplexed at the mo, for they’ve been offered some cash to bestow so long as the man wiContinue reading “Unmapped”


#fowc #partisan I They never were the strongarmed type but something had to give as a wave of protest moved down the main street II The feet moved down the tarmac from the air they looked like the sea The sound building like a roar passing by the windows III The banners moved on forwardContinue reading “Partisan”

The road cones lament

#Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day16 #Almanac poem Hi readers!  Today’s Almanac challenge on Naprowrimo.net has given me the perfect opportunity to pull out of my notebook box, a character piece set in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens…during the time of recent anti-austerity protests. (A tale not told of any human, but a road-cone!!!) The Road Cone’s Lament It’s really windyContinue reading “The road cones lament”

The Road Cone’s Lament

You know, it’s windy today!  It feels so cold! Autumn’s leaves surround me in Red, Bronze and Gold, and I stand here today, lofted high in the air… on a city fathers’ head – Does anybody care? I look out for the public, round the holes I can see but those public around, are lookingContinue reading “The Road Cone’s Lament”

Big Brother

With most students off in their halls of residence – a tale of high tech snooping…. There’s a fellow called Big Brother – who’s watching you and me He’s head of “Surveillance society” and he’s looking for a rogue or three You see he got all interested when the students started a rout with talkContinue reading “Big Brother”