Hotel for the birds

Salford, 23rd March 2019 Modified from an instagram post i posted this morning, When i wake up What do i see, beyond the works of Writing on my desk ? Wide, are the curtains flung – from West to east – bringing light to the painted walls where i do most of my scribbling MarshmallowContinue reading “Hotel for the birds”

Challenge 30 – No 4

Taken Midday Half way through Saturday Fish wi summat spicy is cooking downstairs the birds are flying round the close having returned from foreign climbs and football fans are converging on a corner chippy of their favourite ground they’re in good company but i’ll wait till the cod lands on the noodles indoors.

Mountain Meadow

#coloryourworld #cyw #mountainmeadow Salford, 22nd February 2017   Lakeland, painting from photo by B.F.Kirkham Mountain Meadow, this colour takes me back to a particular time in my life when my old boots would come off the stack in the hallway and i’d journey with mates up and down the motorway go north – and meet upContinue reading “Mountain Meadow”

Raison detre

#DiscoverWP In response to the prompt So then, why do I write ? It’s a really good question, one which I’m honest Id have to admit the answer comes out of one of therapy rather than creativity Back in my younger years, I was really good at it…characters spilled out onto blank exercise booksContinue reading “Raison detre”

Hidden Intentions

Conceal A piece of prose by the author, in response to the Prompt   What is that hiding behind your back ? Something you do not want seen – hidden away Who’s that for ?  What’ve you bought now? Your face reveals nothing but a beaming smile Clues abundant – around the house Icing sugar and poster paintContinue reading “Hidden Intentions”