Acrostic Christmas Poetry Seasons



Another purple candle lit,

Day to commemorate the countdown to the lords coming

Vestments of purple adorn the church

Expectations of the special day grow

Night time draws shorter

To the Lords Special Day

Chocolate Christmas Seasons Treats




I kind of had a guess things would be moving on Sunday…

the first candle on the Advent wreath….lit

lights dangling like icicles off the Lowry shopping mall ceiling

festive drinks on sale both inside and outside the mall,

at least one Christmas tree at each venue I passed

smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves floating in the air

as people lined up for a cup of mulled wine or festive hot cocoa

the cold snaps come quick – you could break bits off it

like candy floss – cinder toffee – air mints

and all the while – bright lights colour the night sky

but it was all confirmed this afternoon

in a flickering of festive lights….

Dad’s put up the Christmas Tree.


Golden Moments

In another place, whilst I eat my tea

Our brave athletes are going for victory

flying round tracks and fields of all kind

focused on goals in body and mind

Prepared for the task – with targets in hand

strategies made – and races planned

Zeus watches on as the events unfold

as Britain goes hunting for Bronze, Silver or Gold

And as world meets in Rio to follow the race

The athletes are focused on the first, second, third place

So as flame it burns – give the athletes a cheer

as medals are won and old records – disappear.

Poetry Sports writing



The chance to gain the prize

you’ve done the training

improved your stats

gathered composures

and pinpointed your faults


The prize is in your reach

fame and fortune a short distance away

your competition studied

its just you and that distance

in your way to the gold


will you make it


Eating Food


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In response to the Challenge :


Chicken Wraps – Easy enough to prepare

Wraps, Salad, Chicken, Sauce of Choosing

Want to challenge yourself – Cook and spice the chicken

If however you want this quickly use a prepared sauce

Don’t forget the Salt and pepper though…

Roll it all together in the wrap and give it a minute or two in the microwave …

Demolish in your own time 🙂

Cooking Food Poetry

An ode to a cook

Originally posted in’s poetry News letter – enjoy


The master craftsman sits
with instruments to hand.
He looks at ingredients
and begins to stand

No Wood or Iron or Marble or Stone
Eggs , Flour, Sugar and Spices the tone
Chopping up flavours from east and from west
to create a dish that he knows taste the best

he’s took his time gradually
learning his skill
in a very busy kitchen
he’s no time to kill

but he’ll produce summat tasty
from ingredients by th’dish
by preparing the veggies, the spices and fish
and what’s more is he’ll stand wi’ ingredients he’s got
and create his dish in just one pot

and while it’s in th’oven
he’ll dive, duck and lunge
to create up an afters
a custard wi Sponge.

Drama Emotions Schooldays


In response to the prompt

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Stage Fright – it’s a horrible thing.

Although I’ve never been one for Amateur Dramatics,  Whilst I was growing up I took part in one or two productions in either Primary or Secondary School.

Nowadays, I brush it off – an upside of the downside of short-term memory loss.  Any performance I make , if its well received – i’ll remember it more.  If Not, I’ll probably forget about it two or three days later.  That is of course – if I don’t make a complete Howler on stage.

So I Prepare – Music, Verse, Lines the lot…and if it’s part of a play i’ll try to make sure i’m reading my part.

I still remember – having to switch parts in a high school pantomime – “Aladdin” because a fellow pupil wasn’t delivering the punchline the way it was written

It petrified me – but I still received the biggest laugh of the production.

I suppose it was the fact, the four of us playing the palace guards got on so well during rehearsals.

Christmas Holidays

Here and Now

In response to the Daily post photo challenge



Its Half Past Seven on a winters morning – and i’m making preparations for Tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

One has already sorted out the problem of what to buy his younger nephews, and they’ll be getting that in the new year.  A small gift appropriate for their age range has been wrapped up and be heading down the road so there’s something for them under the tree.

The fun begins today with the adults – yours truly is going to be sat outside a well known boutique buying something appropriate for mum and little blister…after that – i’m going to have to be a little creative with Dad and the brother-in-law….

Nevertheless – i’m determined to enjoy my Christmas holidays this year

So whatever you are doing, have a good un!

I’ll have my nose in a festive Discworld Book, after my Christmas Lunch.

Happy Hogswatch, everybody.