Garden Nature


#fowc #plant

27th November 2019

Purple flower – given a bit of a print effect

An acrostic about a plant

Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the ground

likes to brighten the garden and the air around it

as it recycles the carbon out in the air

note – it doesn’t take much applause , for what it does

though it does appreciate a daily watering and some food now and then

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In response to the latest #Napowrimo  challenge

A collection of flowers

Grown with Care

provides a burst of colour

to anybody’s home


Creating something beautiful

in form and in colour

as Red Tulips meet with White Lilies

and Blue crocus hide ‘tween Yellow daffodils


If looked over by a careful eye

Said flowers will keep – after special days pass by

and if flowers are rooted – and kept in a plot

the flowers will thrive in their own special spot.