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  • An Ode to a Horse

    An Ode to a Horse

    Oh Noble Horse who lives on the plain eating a bounty of oats and grain i have to ask have you lost your way as i see you and a pal trotting in play there’s no one around as i watch you with fright only your riders on this cold lonely night i’d hate to […]

  • Too Many Bones

    Too Many Bones

    #Writeclub #Bones Over excited Canines Ran ragged round the shallow , rusty coloured hole As sand and sea tossed and turned Now the inspector at the scene, paused as Great Numbers of bones were found Experts reformed the expected skeleton – there were too many bones

  • Partisan

    #fowc #partisan I They never were the strongarmed type but something had to give as a wave of protest moved down the main street II The feet moved down the tarmac from the air they looked like the sea The sound building like a roar passing by the windows III The banners moved on forward […]

  • Lollipop


    Lollipop #CFFC #LetterL #Lollipop Lieutenant (or inspector ?) sits on the corner of Trafford and Regent Road looking out for local hoods its possible – he could have had a sugar rush playing around with his favourite sweet on occasion making eyes with the popular girls walking by – “who loves ya baby?”

  • Big Brother

    With most students off in their halls of residence – a tale of high tech snooping…. There’s a fellow called Big Brother – who’s watching you and me He’s head of “Surveillance society” and he’s looking for a rogue or three You see he got all interested when the students started a rout with talk […]