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  • Repetitive

    #fowc #repetitive I remember in school being given a time tables square we’d sit in class and for five minutes go over the tables over and over again We’d make things from Balsa and clay and off to mum and dad we’d take them away but unlike times tables the creations were made – our […]

  • How do you spel dat ?

    How do you spel dat ?

    #school #schooldays #schooldaze #dinosaurs #spelling Another rememberence another skool – daze where in “High School” Armed with Splints, Pencils and Pens you sat in year 1 Geography or History discussing the big dine – o – saurs and where they lived Tee-rhino-saw us and dip lod die cuss on places not Salford or even London […]

  • Spaghetti

    Salford 3rd February 2020 #food #acrostic #spaghetti #bolognaise Sent headlong into the boiling water Pasta long and thin took a bit of a hot bath As it did, the concoction it was being served with Gradually came together, as minced beef met up in a Hot tomato jacuzzi with onion , carrot and mushroom Eventually, […]

  • Structure

      Structure  Saturday afternoon tea toasted tea cakes have to be done just so or right royal rumpuses will take place up on the fine China service choice bites of savoury stuff are taken from the porcelain platters unless you’re of a certain age…as raspberry fancies meet a swift but happy end. every wonder served […]

  • Modern Art

    A Bronze winning poem – Inspired by my nephews – enjoy. Delicate plate ceramics Father mused would never make it on the wall of the local art gallery. Mother said the composition was a little interesting But what would they serve dinner on? Meanwhile – The two siblings Smiled at the pattern on the wall […]