Rock Garden

#SoCs #Trees Resting in the corner of the back yard on granite and limestone conifers and other evergreens keep their spot looking tidy Growing at a pace a number will have to wait till their rosy flowers appear with the warm weather deciduous plants cold in the cold of winter except when they’ve been clippedContinue reading “Rock Garden”

Mushroom II

#writeclub #Mushroom Many different but Unusual plants can be Searched out around a tree. Hard work is required to separate good from bad but Really tasty varieties can be found Out in the woodland, Of course – it’s best to get an expert to help Making a dinner out of the nasty ones – mightContinue reading “Mushroom II”

Poisonous Plants

#writephoto #nature #plants #poison Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley Positioned where they are in the garden, perhaps its best leaving them where they are… pretty colours often a sign to the present wildlife – to stay away, of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome pollen needs to be spread –Continue reading “Poisonous Plants”

Through the cracks

#promptuarium The multi storey car park was now under “New Ownership” Demolition squads turned on their heels as vines and creepers wrapped themselves around the concrete pillars and where the fast and the furious parked their wonder cars carpets of wildflowers – occupied each floor now resident to squirrel, mole, rat and beaver abandoned byContinue reading “Through the cracks”


#octpowrimo #Day #Night Sunshine popped up from Under the horizon – The beginning of a New day Snoozing flowers taking a stretch Helping themselves to a bright spot In a Moment, new shoots will Negotiate their way through the soil Elevating themselves to the clouds Now when the sun has done his bit Excitable littleContinue reading “Day/Night”

The Visitor

#promptuarium #thevisitor Living down in the depths of the deep this merman surfaced – from the water he leaped to replace some greenery that fell in the sea the hedgerows and bushes, the occasional tree And he made some friends – with the kids from the shore learning about the fallen plants and more theyContinue reading “The Visitor”

The luckiest guy alive

Title prompt : C/o John Cooper Clarke Scattered the seed under a spruce based siding noting the date and time someone must have been looking over me, – hail mary moment – for in the redness of the sky – came a flash of light next thing you know, enough raindrops for the buried seedContinue reading “The luckiest guy alive”

Through the Garden Gate II

#Promptuarium wondering over terracotta tiles passing scents of geraniums and delphinums trees of deciduous and conifer lining the way till you reach the wooden door not as you think – the end of the walk merely the beginning – as a path twists and turns passing through woodland and flowery borders sounds of birdsong andContinue reading “Through the Garden Gate II”