Desert Sand

#CYW #Desert #Sand Drifting in over land and sea enveloping everything it passes sand from the sahara travels on the wind easily passing over land and sea resting on roofs, cars and even plants the succulents smile – they’ve seen this before Soil looking more like blackpool than old trafford as grains land on theContinue reading “Desert Sand”

Prolific : Tale of a tree

Prolific Salford 19th April 2018 My “little” Acer tree, in the back garden of the house beginning another set of flowers to signal Spring We bought it from a garden centre in the pennines , quite a few years ago now, and planted it alongside a couple of dwarf conifers and perennials to give theContinue reading “Prolific : Tale of a tree”

Out of this world

Out of This World Taken root On a spot of earth Alien invader starts to feed Devouring the water below Some plants sit, aghast as they watch The alien eat up their food like an unwanted guest Others, are more philisophical as Over time – the alien and his cohort – will be Lifted, andContinue reading “Out of this world”