Color your world – Month 4

The Final Hurdle – and I’m pleased to report – I passed it! Here’s a list of the colour poems for month 4 of the Colouryourworld Challenge. Hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them Inky. reading “Color your world – Month 4”

Wild Watermelon

#Coloryourworld #cyw #wildwatermelon Wonderous fruit of passionate pink Armoured by thick green peel Tasty at any time – breakfast through to supper Each slice taken from you bursting with flavour Rounding on the tastebuds to make them water Maybe its summertime when you are at your best Enjoyed under the blue skies of a LongContinue reading “Wild Watermelon”

Jazzberry Jam

Salford, 14th April A tale of #flowers and #jazzberryjam for the #coloryourworld challenge.   Colour of the Garden Hibiscus it’s making a bit of a noise but for fans of this wonderful flower its a noise they all enjoy attracting the birds and the butterflies raising with visitors a smile who will spend some timeContinue reading “Jazzberry Jam”

Piggy Pink

#Piggypink #Coloryourworld #cyw #pig #bacon #bank Piggy is much more than humble bacon It’s common to many – you’re not mistaken Generous to a fault is dear old pig Got to be said – his heart is big Yet to avoid the fate of the butchers hook he will be found – tending your bankContinue reading “Piggy Pink”


    #Coloryourworld #cyw #colors #pinks #reds #razzamatazz   Raspberry donuts – that’s what reminds me of you A right zesty colour, bursting with notes of Sharp pink and red – but unlike your strawberry cousin, notes of Purple, which sing out in the pudding bowl Best in a jam. in a pudding or iceContinue reading “Razzamatazz”

Pink Carnation

#Coloryourworld #cyw #pinkcarnation #acrostic #pinks #flower 11th April 2017 Could it be A reason why I never can forget you Real beauty – enveloped in a dress the colour of that flower Never forgotten that spring night after An attempt to grab your attention Tomorrow, they say – is another day, but I can’t getContinue reading “Pink Carnation”

Cotton candy

Salford 9th April 2017 a sweet poem for the color your world challenge by inkdropk #poetry #confectionery #cyw #coloryourworld #cottoncandy #candyfloss   whispy wires of candy softly rising into a soft tornado gathering in pace as it goes   sensational sugar collides against the  tornado catcher fallen to be reused again   whisps gather paceContinue reading “Cotton candy”


#coloryourworld #cyw #magenta A mix up in the paint factory tween two pots of paint led to a discussion in the art class   Blue and red merged into purple – or pink ? a colour for red grapes ? it made students think   Politically Neutral – Neither Red or Blue the Greens andContinue reading “Magenta”


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Orchid #flowers #Acrostic Over most of the globe, this Right royal plant with its majesty of blooms Can be found spreading colour indoors or outdoors alike Happy in a pot indoors or outdoors In the expanse of the garden, its Delicate flowers bring a smile on special days