Things with the letter P

#CFFC #LetterP #photography We begin with Detroit Bridge and Salford Quays…wait a mo, i hear my readers cry…That’s Not a P word!….let me continue and i’ll explain Upto the late 80s and 90s with the areas redevelopment the area the picture above was known as the Port of Manchester….as shipping landed goods up and downContinue reading “Things with the letter P”

Bird of Prey

#Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day19 #Manchester #UK #Archived #Poetry Pulled this one out of my notebook – and decided to post it here after a little polish! Manchester, 15th August 2013 Feathered Assassin Sits on a vintage building Waiting for Dinner   Sharpened talons gripped, eyes focused on the quarry his targets are marked   The pigeons gather overContinue reading “Bird of Prey”

On a Mission

Poem that appeared in “Writers Cramp” in 2010, For BASIC The pigeon is skipping down the lane, on a Mission. He’s looking for that bit of fish, from the open sardine tin, left by the daytripper at St Francis’ Basin. Or the Half Eaten Sandwich, Left in the bins By the Designer at the OutletContinue reading “On a Mission”