Tag: Percussion

  • Getting the band back together

    #WDYS #Orchestra #Conductor #Principal #Musicians The music had been written now the construction had to begin ink hitting finest vellum in a noble attempt to bring together strings, horns, piano and brass not forgetting, the clash and bang of percussion all to meet up for a number of nights under the spotlight in a grand […]

  • Instrument


    #Discoverprompt It’s a tool, for creating notes you can hear some are singular but many are grouped that depends on if you are going up the notes or down rhythms are formed as the notes are played usually its a beat set out by a drum or perhaps another percussion musicians follow the notes to […]

  • Percussive

    Percussive Time to keep a beat, time to make a noise play along with the music men and remember keep that poise Play those maracas and hit those bongo drums make a sound with the cocoa tins something that rattles and hums Its all about keeping the rythum and playing your part in your time […]

  • Crescendo

    Crescendo The noise began softly enough as the orchestra’s strings began to play the flutes and the piccalos joined in with the tune led by an oboe and a bassoon to the listenener the music was perfectly poised as those there playing were joined by a bang and held in the air – silence it […]

  • Symphony

    Symphony Start of the music is simple enough Years of orchestration begins with the lead musicians Mostly its percussion – but violins can be heard Piano chords blend in to the melody as Harp strings are gently plucked Oboes bassoons and flutes add character unique to the piece Notes followed by famous artistes, composed by […]