Tag: pepper

  • Simmering


    Something sensational was coming from the Kitchen in seconds the waft of chicken , ham and vegetables made its way through the ground floor and moseyed upstairs to tell my senses everybody – grab your eating irons – its ready rendezvousing with crusty bread and salt and pepper in a combination you will never forget […]

  • On the farm

    #Poetry #Farm #Animals Another poem from yours truly using the Salt & Pepper Fonts

  • Zingy!

    Zing! Zesty yellow lemons ๐Ÿ‹ infuse a certain something, when navigating the crispy coating of a cod or plaice got to admit .. its fresh in flavour, yes .. I will have some more! zingy red chilli ๐ŸŒถ is just the thing, when bringing out the flavour of ๐Ÿ– Note though, add too much and […]