Tag: Penguins

  • Deep

    #SoCs #Deep Salford 4th April 2020 It’s hard to really appreciate the dish without taking some time over it the fish – had been swimming with others free to explore – developing evading all predators – from the polar bear in the north to the seals and penguins in the south all to be caught […]

  • The foolhardy keeper

    Jeopardize 😛 He thought it a doddle his second year at the zoo but foolhardy keeper has plenty to do keeping attention of Antarctic birds hindsight – is brilliant the fish not in thirds so he’ll dash around pen as penguins they peck at the big fish in the air as keeper heads for the […]

  • Bookspine Poetry

    #Napowrimo , Day 10 – the bookspine challenge A seven line poem created from books on my Bookshelf Extreme perception – Reflected Memories (or) Animal Antics – Inspired by my Museum The Last word – Why don’t penguins feet freeze ? (Thinking about it only makes it worse!)

  • Edinburgh Zoo

    I went to the zoo today, and saw a sleepy tigger with stripey paws and a lion with great big claws but that wasn’t everything i saw today.… Went to the zoo today, saw a Golden bear swinging from a tree, and monkeys and gibbons eating their tea, and penguins underwater – looking at me! […]