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  • Crab

    #Writephoto #Seaside #Crab Carefully crossing the cove reaching out for tasty treats as he makes his way over sand, pebbles and stone breaking into smaller shells for his breakfast lunch and tea Could this Crustacean be regarded as seaside royalty ? as he has the run of the sea, rocks and the sand be aware […]

  • Where do missing socks go?

    Where do missing socks go?

    #Napowrimo I’ve been told there’s a place that missing socks go but where it’s located on this blessed earth heaven’s do i know perhaps they’ve gone to that magic space where the locks have no keys so they’ve locked on to a pole by a sunny bench and are sunning themselves with ease or maybe […]

  • Portal

    #writephoto #otherworldly When i was little, i used to go Out with mum and dad , and take in the Natural beauty of the coastal beaches and amassed hillsides nearby Dipping a toe in cold water and Enjoying a walk Round the bays, looking for interesting pebbles What’s beyond that window in the cliff face […]

  • Sunset

    Salford, 31st March 2020 A poem on the sun going down by inky – its been published by Forward Poetry, appeared on Luna’s blog at Lunatheblog.com and now its back home – enjoy the read……… The pebbles on the shorewere picked up and stackedfor skimming on the sea Stacked with carePrecariously balancedThe wind made them […]

  • Weathered


    Another poem by inky Salford (via Llandudno) , 11th January 2018 Weathered I like the pebble beach at Llandudno. each of those stones, has their own tale to tell time taken over millions of years to form, then broken up and shaped over another stretch of time to create the many shapes that come together […]

  • Rock to Sand

    Rock to Sand

        mother nature’s art created on our island for everyone’s eye the rough sands of time eat slowly away at rock carving a coastline aided by the wind and the foam sea in the west the sand carves the cliffs fallen rock is smoothed by the foam of the sea and pebbles shimmer little […]