Food Fruit Poetry


#CYW #Peach

Autumn Red Peaches (Image by B.F Kirkham)

Picked from the trees in the hills of Asia

each fruit furry to the touch

and juicy with every bite – just watch out for the stone in the middle

can be eaten on its own, or with custard or cream

hot out of the oven – its wonderful in a pie or a flan

Character Food Fruit Garden Poetry

Peach 🍑

#colormyworld #cyw #peach


Grown from the tree,

your fruit hangs delicately in the air

occasionally hiding behind a leaf 🍃


once spotted,

your colour gives you away

as your pale yellow reflection, blushes


you have to be treated right though

for behind that soft peachy exterior

lies a heart of stone


but to your admirers, you’re sweet,

served up as a lunch or tea time treat

on a flan base or with cream…you’re neat!