Tag: Pavements

  • Diversion

    #Road #Roadworks #Pavement I They turned up in the middle of the night and lifted up their paving slabs before lifting up the tarmac II Improvements to the daily journey the promises made III Signs of Improvement ? not forthcoming Big Red Signs lead away from the holes IV Short five minutes to the shopping […]

  • Cobbles


    The old streets growing up weren’t that much fun as the last of the horse and carts made their way through town You knew when the Rag and Bone Man were coming though his voice boomed through the street there was a noise that was much louder A Hard Noise Of Hardened Iron meeting slabs […]

  • Fountains


    #Fountains #Life #Home #Travel #cityscapes #poetry Manchester, 16th October 2019 I was in Manchester yesterday, on the hunt for a new pair of spectacles. Walking through Piccadilly gardens, I noticed something to bring a smile to the grimmest of people….They’ve turned the water back on the fountains!!!! Flying high into the northern skies Orchestrated jets […]

  • Falling through the cracks

    #octpowrimo #nature Salford, 11th October 2018 It’s hard for a seed To grow up in the big city As it flies from its mum And falls to the floor Drifting in the wind If lucky, it will land Onto soft warm soil But usually, it finds concrete So it sleeps , and it grows Fed […]

  • Spire

    an acrostic on by inky about Stowell spire on the corner of Trafford Road , in Salford Soaring up to the heavens Perhaps it be fitting – the old church spire be Illuminated – lighting up the Roads and pavements around it Everybody knows it as a local landmark