Enjoying the Greenery

In response to the daily post Nostalgia Green Leaves…. they bring back memories of many an event. Festivals and Fetes on the large patch of green opposite Nine Acre Court. I always wondered if the name of the flats had anything to do with the Tudor hall nearby, It brought back memories of visiting myContinue reading “Enjoying the Greenery”


Autumn Leaves The summer it leaves us like the changing tide and the wind changes course as autumn arrives Trees change their colour from pallets of spring and warm shades of autumn to the eye they bring As Mother nature turns leaves from green to warm brown Hibernating animals begin to bed down As AutumnContinue reading “G.M.T”


Green #Napowrimo #Blogging101 #Nature #Colour #Green An Acrostic on Nature in response to the prompt Growing around the Front and back of the house Really long and luscious blades of grass are reaching high into the sky Everybody appreciates its colour, particularly in Summer as Each little boy or girl goes caterpillar hunting. Nice carpetContinue reading “Green”