Family Photos

#Mum #Dad #Family Captured in a moment of relative calm, A happy occasion with four or five generations gathered round Man of the moment sat slap bang in the centre, wondering what all the Excitement is all about, too little to Realise – he’s getting all the attention from the rest of the clan AsContinue reading “Family Photos”

Five more days of Christmas

Salford 2nd January 2019 #christmas #newyear If you find this post a little scrambled, there is a reason Six hours kip doesn’t do much for the festive spirit But just what do you do after new year ? Back to work or school after two weeks away If you’re a kid all you want toContinue reading “Five more days of Christmas”

Learning thru life

In response to Daily Post Prompt Learning 24th August 2016 Building blocks of life, Everyone knows, they have to be taught Going from crawling to walking – now that is a biggie Indeed, the very skill of balance is one to be mastered Next, comes the art of communication – language that comes later, letting NannaContinue reading “Learning thru life”