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A poetic response to another Golden response from Paralympics GB

(Hannah Cockcroft, winning Gold in Rio)


Have you been watching ?

A Magical moment in the Rio lights

New wheels speeding down the track to a Gold

Neutrals and rivals all –

Astounded – The British girl

Has taken it….

Speeding through the competition,


(who won the medal then ? answers clear to see!)


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The Runner (Paralympic)

A tale on the Paralympian, Johnnie Peacock – Dedicated to all the Athletes at @ParalympicsGB taking part in the Rio Olympiad


It’s not just the short burst of speed

It’s not the ability for opponents to fear your name

It’s not the fancy kit that makes you fast


No –

Its all that work that you put in

(Not only in the training gym)

The time you give up to make you win


How far you go – it’s down to you

but at home we’re all cheering  the things that you do

in front of our TVs were all stuck like glue


So when you look down the Golden Track

when the pistol sounds – there’s no looking back

Chasing those medals and records of old


(Bronze, Silver and of course Gold)


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Sprint (Paralympic)

In honour of Dame Sarah Storey – who’s just become the UKs most decorated Paralympian.


Dame Sarah Storey – Cutout Art by author from an original c/o



Surpassing all others on two wheels

Paralympic gold tally record – broken

Rio watches and applauds your achievement

In getting the record number of golds

New dame holding the record – that’s gone from the swimming stadium

To the Track of a different kind – the velodrome

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Paralympians in Brazil

Salford, 7th September 2016

Right about now, Rio-de-Janeiro is beginning the 2016 Paralympic Games in Brazil, the premiere event for Elite Athletes with a Disability.

Recent readers of my blog will know I helped the Brazilian Paralympic Squad prepare in their Training Camp for the London Games in 2012 in the City of Manchester.

Wheelchair Fencing, Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, and Boccia were the order of the day, and I became the Organiser of two great teams of Field Assistants


And although i’m not going to be there myself – I hope all the Paralympians taking part have a fantastic games in Rio. Good Luck to all competitors!

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The Paralympian

I watched the Sun Arising
on a new dawn
as the greats arrived
at our “little place”
The Superstars performing
with style and with grace
Teams talking tactics
were out in the hall
the teams with the skill
with two types of ball
And Hammers were set
and run ups aligned
as instructions were relayed
signalled or signed
As throwers came to th’pit
with their designed frames
ready to take part
in these Golden Games
And runners were focused
with medals at hand
and chariots lined up
with their strategies planned.,
The Blade Runners All lined up
to run out their race
with our Mr Peacock
out for first place.
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A Martian Landed at Media City


A Martian he landed at Media City

He took a look round, but thought it a pity

That attracted by all those colourful lights

He landed his craft where he couldn’t see sights.

He saw a Man in a uniform sat behind desks

turning young adults to nervous wrecks

saying ‘this isn’t a place for you kids to play’

‘come back wi’ your teacher – on some other day’

The visitor saw the kids walk sadly away

as his eyes behind visor began to stray

as bustle behind windows , created a story

on some news worthy gossip, from Lib Lab or Tory

And on other desks too – tittle tattle from grounds

as footballers antics in town they’ve been found

and the camera’s flash on some sportsmans head

the latest transfer that’s been put to bed

The Martian he watched – as the screens switched to war

now and then stopped by the flash football scores.

It’s a funny old place this earth he did said

as news of the olympics flashed overhead.

And the lights they did change – as he saw the rings

and saw all the cheering and singing and things

as a scene from old stratford shone out a light

making the quayside shiny and bright.

So he entered his spacecraft and crafted a star

something that could be seen from near and of far

and he let it go upwards leaving trails on its way

lighting the sky for the others to play.

I wrote this tale during my time as An Ambassador for London 2012. The BBC had just moved in to their home on Salford Quays and this was my response to some of the overbearing security in that area…I thought, what if…hope you enjoy it© 2 years ago, Brian F Kirkham life • media • olympic • sport • alien • life2

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Another poem with an Olympic theme, seeing as we are approaching the Rio Games in Brazil.

It was basically a write up of the build-up and expectation, over the time i was helping out as a spectator services team leader during the Football Competition in Manchester.  I’ve put it into some kind of verse!


by Brian F Kirkham

August 2012


Olympic fever landed on Northern Shores

As a flame from Olympus passed every town and city

And it Came in Waves


We watched as excitement slowly arrived

Anticipation of what was to come

And it Came in Waves


Small Children – drawing in th’street

pictures of all the worlds athletes –

performing superhuman feats

and they came in Waves


From Lands end to John O’ Groats

People on Bikes, Cars, Planes and Boats

Landed in Britain and based themselves around

Britain’s cities, villages and towns

Building the waves


And as Team GB did their Best

Wearing that now familiar vest,

Every country became a guest

as they arrived in waves.


Spectators All, raised a cheer

and family members dried happy tears.

As athletes showed – they had no fear

and Bronze, Silver and Gold appeared

In Waves

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What do you do all day?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

It’s a similar question to “Why do you blog?”

The impetus to start writing the blog came as a device to bring all my writings together with the drawings and photos currently stored on my humble little laptop.

My attempts to get my writing out so far has proved to be successful to a limit – as I’ve appeared in lots of publications, but it hasn’t brought untold riches – do to the nature of the presses I work with.

I’m due to appear in the second edition of the Great British Write Off – having entered and had accepted my poem I wrote on Sunsets

Example of the publication I provide pieces for!
Example of the publication I provide pieces for!

It’s satisfying to know I’ve had some success – as the boys and girls at and Forward Poetry continue to accept my work in their publications

Meanwhile I continue to subscribe to the boards…as well as help out at sporting events around Greater Manchester.



Back in 2012 – I deputised for London 2012’s Ambassador Team, where I was given a position of Team Leader.  It was fortunate I was there – Brazil’s Paralympic Squads for the Sitting Volleyball and Wheelchair Basketball were staying at Manchester during their training and the gaffer in charge of the venue was appreciative of my help.  I’d previously helped out at the world cup event for both events in the run up to the Paralympics – and knew about the rules of the sports and running of the court…so I hit the ground running – organising the court crews.

In addition – after a well earned dinner – I wrote a piece or two for the storytellers project for BT.

As a reward – we received a celebratory baton as a thank you.

After the Games I got involved with Sale Harriers, and have been helping out between Sportcity Manchester and IWM North ever since.

My vollie role at the museum also sees me running about (a bit) – I’m a guide on both the ground and first floors! Fortunately I don’t have to do both at the same time.

I also help answer questions on using the family history section on the ground floor.