Places Poetry

In Memorial


There’s plenty of room in heaven

but not so much room on earth

the family plots much smaller now

the plots more than the worth

for while the dead are laid to rest

the grave attendants do their best

to give the departed a bit of room

to lay out a headstone for their tomb

Monuments sit from end to end

with pathways passing round the bend

while family members go on a search

for gravestones resting by oak or birch

I’m sure it’s not what the alderman craved

as tombstones turned the gardens, paved

yet re-interred if its a matter of cash

and the bodies burned and turned to ash


The chair

(with a nod to Sir Spike Milligan)

They took a chainsaw

to an elderly resident of the forest

where it ended up on a journey

to a woodcutters yard

The tree in its prime

rose high into the air

a resting place for aviators

on their way to other shores

but now its been chopped

shaped and reformed

it’s children – look different to the tree


and they’re asked by the

craftsman’s son or daughter

“Why’d you chop down that big tree

To make me look shorter ?”

Childhood Growing up

Just another day

#Napowrimo #paperswans #children

Picking up post for Mum and dad

and reading a chapter a day

Helping doing the washing

and putting it away

one hundred and one little things to do

whilst i’m away from school

playing games with nanna

watching granddad play the fool

and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes

so they’ll be as snug as a bug

this afternoon i’ll be dressing them

and giving them a great big hug

Buildings Poetry Space

Rising up

#Napowrimo #paperswans #building #tower #lights

From the towers base

you could easily make

out where you saw

pathway to cosmos

lit up in plasma colours

laser pink and blue

UFO Friendly ?

a call to every craft –

“Come and Visit!”

Birds Garden Nature

Hop to Flight

#Napowrimo #Day22 #paperswans #trees #roots #sky #birds

The gardeners have been in

taking off tree branches

with extreme pruning

They say its to keep

the tree roots hid underneath

from tearing up the grass

The trees for their part

keep on growing

reaching for the sky

meanwhile birds and squirrels all

are hopping mad

as they’ve further to climb


The Gate

#napowrimo #paperswans #prompt #gate

A paperswans picture prompt for napowrimo

perplexed people pondered

what point the gate

when the sheep were enjoying

every square bit of green beyond the stone wall

was it to keep the sheep out

or was it to keep the humans in ?