Red Violet II

#CYW #Colours #RedViolet


A much redder colour

than your much purpler cousin

you parade yourself proudly

in the flowers that carry you

or the stamps that show you


Many mistake you for Magenta

but you don’t mind

for you have so many cousins

at times its hard to tell you apart

only when you’re side by side

do the gardeners and painters see

your passionate side


Adding white to your palette

shows your japanese flair

whilst adding more blue

gives you shades of lavender

but your passionate red

still shines through

Violet Red

#coloryourworld #cyw #reds #violetred

Salford 10th April 2017


The tussle between the shades of red

began as they fought it out on the painters palette

ballet of an artistic nature

started at opposite ends of the rainbow

The bluer shade he stood his ground

as artists painted the flowers he’d found

but as pigment scarlet to pallet was fed

the cold shade turned a more warmer red

as red-violet flowers changed colours in bed

to a host of new flowers of violet red

Raw sienna


#coloryourworld #cyw #rawsienna

Valuable pigment from the Tuscan hills,

your golden tones are a sight to see

a valued commodity … from deep in the ground

many an Italian master painter 👩‍🎨

would have you there on their paint 🎨 palette

but it’s not gold that sets off your cherished demand

like pyrites of old, it’s your iron not gold

that sets painters hearts 💕 racing.