Making my way through Maps

#365daysofwriting #Backtoschool Salford 25th July 2018 If i could go back to school, to master a subject – i reckon it would be Geography i’d do Not English or History (even though i’ve got an interest in those subjects) – Geography. You see, even though i’ve made my way through the toughest routefinder map, iContinue reading “Making my way through Maps”


Hike An original piece of poetry by yours truly, It originally appeared on the Pages of but i’ve added a few lines and decided to share the new copy with the wordpressors – Hope you like it His multi layered coat is on his back kinder scout area…. can expect an attack He’s beenContinue reading “Hike”

Mountain Meadow

#coloryourworld #cyw #mountainmeadow Salford, 22nd February 2017   Lakeland, painting from photo by B.F.Kirkham Mountain Meadow, this colour takes me back to a particular time in my life when my old boots would come off the stack in the hallway and i’d journey with mates up and down the motorway go north – and meet upContinue reading “Mountain Meadow”


Hike preparation done his backpack full a day on the hillside its never that dull   Planned out a walk cross moorland and hill And stopping at reservoir watching time stand still   Following a way that’s old as Time he’s having a packed lunch when his watch does chime   Armed with a compassContinue reading “hike”


A poem on challenge by yours truly. Hurdles are there, to give you a test an Obstacle to conquer Just do your best Normally found on a school or sports field they appear in new ways to try make you yield Beginning really small, when you’re a girl or a boy when all that youContinue reading “Hurdles”