Skeleton Bob

A winter Olympiad poem, inspired by the Gb team I watched in awe as off they flew Down the run of ice clear blue On a craft to generate speed Carving through ice quickfast was the need As excited crowds they passed on by They cheered them on as athletes did fly And they didContinue reading “Skeleton Bob”

Flame of Hope

  Every four years, the torch guides the way for sportsmen and women to come out and play joining up countries, some new and some old whos athletes are aiming for medals of gold   Created in Athens, the Olympian way the Ancients in Athens, called out to say we’ll meet you in Rio …Continue reading “Flame of Hope”

Golden Moments

In another place, whilst I eat my tea Our brave athletes are going for victory flying round tracks and fields of all kind focused on goals in body and mind Prepared for the task – with targets in hand strategies made – and races planned Zeus watches on as the events unfold as Britain goesContinue reading “Golden Moments”

A Martian Landed at Media City

A Martian he landed at Media City He took a look round, but thought it a pity That attracted by all those colourful lights He landed his craft where he couldn’t see sights.   He saw a Man in a uniform sat behind desks turning young adults to nervous wrecks saying ‘this isn’t a placeContinue reading “A Martian Landed at Media City”


Another poem with an Olympic theme, seeing as we are approaching the Rio Games in Brazil. It was basically a write up of the build-up and expectation, over the time i was helping out as a spectator services team leader during the Football Competition in Manchester.  I’ve put it into some kind of verse! WavesContinue reading “Waves”

Final Whistle

A piece written during my shifts as a Volunteer Team Leader at Old Trafford, Manchester when London 2012 came to the Northwest of England. As we couldn’t be biased – I wrote it about the one person the fans always moan at – the referee! (Added a few lines to the 2012 version for buildContinue reading “Final Whistle”

What do you do all day?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” It’s a similar question to “Why do you blog?” The impetus to start writing the blog came as a device to bring all my writings together with the drawings and photos currently stored on my humble little laptop. My attempts to get my writing outContinue reading “What do you do all day?”