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Colours with the letter B

In response to

Cees Fun Foto Challenge


Cerulean (2)

A Blue was used called Cerulean to create the watercolor on this post, it was added neat to create the sky and then watered down to create a light blue for the sea.


Berry Red was applied in this picture of two jam tarts.  I like the way it brought out the colour of the Raspberry Tart but also the Shadow on the Lemon Curd Tart

Midnight Salford

Another Blue was applied to bring out the colour of the night sky in this shot of a set of Lamps in front of a waterside hotel.  Midnight blue was applied after the shot was taken to bring out some of the lighter colours, such as the light on the waters reflection.



A Berry Bush in the Enchanted Garden at the Brain and Spinal Injury Center in Salford, i’ve put this on here because of its red-purple “Blackberries” and that kind of classes it as a blue!

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Eye Spy…

Eye Spy

The Question is…who spotted who first ?

You see, I was sat on the veranda of my Turkish holiday apartment in Oledeniz, when this chap popped from behind a tree to say “Hello!”

And then he started following us around the hotel complex and the nearby beach – passing from tree to tree with his feet, and saying “Hello” to us and other guests willing to give him some time.

I don’t know what attracted him, but I could guess it was a small amount of fruit left on a nearby bird table – anyhow, upon seeing me – he kept on popping up around the gardens on the resort, if not for the fruit – the supply of fresh water spraying around the flowers!

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The Lagoon Beach



There were two beaches within the apartments reach at Oludeniz,  My favourite one was the one known as the Lagoon.  This was a stretch of Beach around a nearby cove which was owned by the various hoteliers.  The Sand was wonderfully soft and the water in the Lagoon so clear you could make out the shoals of fish running about in it.  A Key thing though – it was vast.  In places the hotels were using parts of it for watercraft.  What surprised me though was how the Local wildlife mingled quite happily with the sun worshippers.

Ducks , Swans and Bluebirds pottered their way around the sunloungers whilst the odd lizard played peek-a-boo from the tops of nearby trees…with me and my half-way aquaphobia – they put me at ease. And I even raised a smile when the big fishes circled round my cumbersome feet.  They gave me an Impetus to get back in the water…and enjoy it.


Back from Holiday

Hi all.

Back in Blighty after two weeks in the Sun of “Suncity” – in Oludeniz in Turkey.  Plenty of time spent in the sun, taking in the sun and enjoying the Sea Breeze and the Heritage and the Food of the place.

Having not been to Oludeniz before, it was a bit new, as it involved a longer plane ride than usual and was a bit off the beaten track.  – but being close to the sea, and near to a national park – had it’s benefits.

The Main beach near to the resort had a mix of lovely soft sand and rocky pebbles – it reminded me a little of the beaches I had been on as a kid – though they were much fresher !!!!