Getting there

#Writeclub based on the prompt “if you fail, try again” Achievement they say, is a wonderful thing. He left the grand halls of learning with each wrinkle on his worn face turning upwards Plenty of Sand had made its way through this learners egg timer Perseverance – the key and the cracking of those MysticalContinue reading “Getting there”


#CYW #Timberwolf There’s something unique in this relation of your pet pooch maybe its the way they band together when they’re searching for supper, everyone helping out in the pack roaming the forests as one – when they’ve found their food old and young share looking after one another – family – like you andContinue reading “Timberwolf”


#Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital I remember when photos were stored away on rolls of brown film and getting the picture required alchemy Magic paper bringing scenes of colour to life onto white backgrounds with square borders Trips to the chemist a necessity for those precious memories of a warm summers day to be brought to lifeContinue reading “Click”

Old & New

#SoCs #Old&New #OldandNew #Photography When it comes to the Old and the new, i always go to the subject of photography for a comparison. When i was little i used a Kodak Extachrome camera to take photos of Mum and Dad and my little sister it had a cartridge that looked like this You knewContinue reading “Old & New”


#fowc #Glimpse Getting a short eyeshot at the latest upgrade to the tech in your pocket is like playing with dynamite, for you’ve seen maybe one or two features – and now, your portable friend’s shine seems to have lost its brightness some say – its good to see what’s coming ahead except for thoseContinue reading “Glimpse”


#Fowc #Cash I remember as a kid collecting the copper coins in an old tea caddy Ten penny chocolate drops your average spend for a little lads pocket sweets switched for comic books saving enamel for copper and a weeks reading funnies Hello Mister Twenty Pence Farewell Mr Pound Note Miss Shiny Pound has ArrivedContinue reading “Cash”