#CYW #Colour #Ocean #Blue #Octpowrimo It’s that colour you see far off when you’re sat on the beach looking at the horizon and you’re looking at the water far away Could it be that colour that entered the sky when the roundness of the sun ups and leaves the sky leaving it darker with onlyContinue reading “Cerulean”

Out to sea

#Octpowrimo #Ocean #Sea Sat on a boat in the Sunshine enjoying the ocean blues as the sealife swims alongside Shoals of excitable marine life are following the line of the boat Slicing through the waves each passenger lifts up slightly as the boat goes up a touch

Eleven days in the summer sun

Sao Rafael, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal 25th September 2017 It’s been a really early morning for me. I’ve been sat on a Jet 2 Boeing – 737, travelling through the sky blue from Manchester Airport to Portugal’s Faro Airport.  A Four o clock start meant i had a few cat naps throughout the journey, spaced outContinue reading “Eleven days in the summer sun”


artwork by inkdrop using painter essentials 5   #coloryourworld #blue # Pacificblue Plenty of space down here to move around the sunken sailing ships collected on the sea floor.   Fishing boats, go in search of different treasure, shoals of fresh fish 🐟 swimming about in the shipwrecks and coves of the ocean whilst crabsContinue reading “Pacific”

Sea green

#coloryourworld #cyw #seagreen I walked out on the sea toward ocean blue the fish 🐟 they were keen they followed me too   waves gently moving from sea onto shore minnows circling round my feet on the sea floor   and out there in the shallows the waters light blue green a gem of crystalContinue reading “Sea green”

Tiggers of the Deep

Down in the deep blue a family of tiger fish settle down for their dinner. And lights from passing starfish allow Tiggers of the deep to enjoy their nice lunch then go off to sleep. As Dogfish, Catfish and Crustaceans all decide to have a night-time ball as they make a late night excursion toContinue reading “Tiggers of the Deep”