Moments of madness


#octpowrimo #obsession #love #madness

Was it the time we first met

That you settled your image in my head

Captivated by those eyes like jewels

And the engaging scent of a summer morning in winter

Your voice is everywhere…even in the silence

And my head turns round, to even the slightest image of you

Could you call it obsession ?

I’d call it possession

For everywhere I look

You’re there

You’ve taken my heart, without need of a knife

And somehow become a part of my life



A piece of poetry written for the Forward Poetry Anthology Poetry Obsessions,


I’ll write you a million poems,

I’ll right you a million wrongs

I’ll send you a million love letters

I’ll sing you a million songs.


In that moment, we’d met in that twilight room

You lifted my spirits in the gloom.

You looked at me different – than the other girls did

and were a really good date for a couple o’ quid


I’d been sat in that hall, listening to the groove –

when up you stood, and made your first move

and as you moved those beautiful eyes

you took me quite by surprise


We grasped the nettle – Our gazes Fixed

And with arms around each other we mixed

Holding each other, with a loving glance

Moving to the centre, as they all watched us dance


But now that dates over – was it all a dream

It seems that really you weren’t all that keen

but your words of love hit me – and you’re inside my head

and I hear every word – and footstep you tread.